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Secrets Behind the Best Lead Generation Content

In a previous post, I showed that by focusing on thought leadership, marketers can enable sales. But marketers love their deliverables and want to know how to do this. What kinds of content and delivery vehicles work best?

The Best Marketing Content Provides Business Insight and Advice

In our research with RainToday, we found that all companies, regardless of performance, use proof points such as client case studies, success stories, and testimonials. What separates the high performers from the others is content that provides:

  • Insight into emerging business issues and market trends
  • Insight on the application of technology to solve business problems
  • How-to tips, tactics, and advice

Social Media Has Not Yet Replaced Live Experiences in B2B Services Sales and Marketing

We also found success with various offers and live experiences. What kinds of offers and live experiences work best?

  • In-person conferences and seminars (produced by the company itself)
  • In-person conferences and seminars (produced by a third-party; the company is a sponsor or speaker)
  • Introductory/consultative sales call or “warm” phone calls
  • Articles or white papers authored by experts in the company

Are you surprised to see “warm” phone calls on the lead generation best practice list? We were. But if leads are properly nurtured with valuable content, they’ll be more receptive to receiving a call.

This just goes to show that here is no silver bullet when it comes to generating leads. It is the combination of tactics, orchestrated as part of a multimodal, multitouch program rich with thought leadership content, that yields the best results. The one constant throughout the program, however, has to be thought leadership.