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Increase Marketing’s Relevance by Reporting Business Metrics Executives Care About

By Monica Pepicelli, ITSMA Director of Marketing and Member Advocacy

Many marketers aren’t confident that they know which metrics and outcomes key stakeholders care about. Few use data and analytics as a predictive tool. Only a handful use metrics and analytics to guide them in producing business outcomes. It’s not surprising, then, that less than 10% of CEOs use marketing data to make business decisions.

Marketing Metrics Alignment

Most marketers report activity, operational efficiency, and history of performance. Those reports can be useful, but only as a foundation for reporting what really matters: outcomes, effectiveness, and predictions. That’s what the best-in-class marketers do, according to the survey. The marketers who get an A in performance management do better at:

  • Speaking the language of the business
  • Demonstrating the link between marketing activities and business goals
  • Understanding how business leaders evaluate marketing effectiveness
  • Improving operational efficiency by doing things right and producing actionable marketing dashboards
  • Using data and analytics as a predictive tool while employing analytic talent, investing in analytical tools, and building analytical models
  • Communicating how marketing is impacting the business

They’re also better at using data to build analytical models. They speak the language of the business and know how leaders evaluate marketing’s effectiveness. Their dashboards are more likely to be used by non-marketing senior executives.

We are again conducting the annual Marketing Performance Management Survey with VisionEdge Marketing to analyze the use of marketing data, metrics, and analytics among B2B service organizations to improve marketing performance, measure marketing’s value, inform business decisions, and forecast trends. Click here to participate.


Research Results: The Best that Boston has to Offer ITSMA Conference Attendees

By Julie Schwartz, ITSMA, jschwartz@itsma.com

MakeWayForDucklingsBostonAre you coming to ITSMA’s 20th Annual Marketing Conference: The New Face of Marketing? If yes, then you are coming to one of the best cities during the best time of the year. You might even be in Boston to celebrate the World Series Championship (but I don’t want to jinx it.) If you have been to Boston before, you know there is plenty to do and some fabulous restaurants. If you haven’t you are in for a treat!

To help you make the best choices for your free time, I did some research. I surveyed the experts at ITSMA and have compiled their recommendations here.

From our Director, Administration & Event Logistics, Carolyn (Be sure to thank her for everything because she makes the conference magic happen):

From Dianne, Research Associate extraordinaire (and you better believe she knows her Korean food!):

  • I am a huge fan of live music so for the music fans: The Sinclair in Harvard Square is an excellent venue (restaurant and live music)
  •  Walking around Newbury Street/Boston Public Gardens (pretty for fall)
  •  Museum of Fine Arts. Currently has an exhibition called “She Who Tells a Story: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World; very provocative!
  • BonChon Chicken in Harvard Square has amazing fried chicken (spicy/Korean style!) In addition to the amazing chicken there are traditional Korean dishes as well
  • There is a brand new Korean restaurant (the original is in Allston) called Kaju Tofu House. The soft tofu stew is a MUST.
  • Not Korean but awesome: Saloon in Davis Square is a speakeasy inspired bar/restaurant (the entrance is so inconspicuous that I always walk right past it and have to turn around). Can’t speak for the food because I haven’t eaten there but the drinks are excellent and the ambience/interior is amazing
  • Toscanini’s ice cream for dessert in Central Square, very famous

From our eloquent Research and Thought Leadership Director, Dan: (Dan is relatively new to Boston. He just recently celebrated his one-year anniversary in Bean Town, so he was very happy to receive everyone else’s recommendations.  You can wish him a happy anniversary):

  • Koreana in Cambridge (Korean, gorgeous presentation, more Central Square but walking distance from Harvard) [Editor’s note: why does the research staff like Korean food so much? I will have to research this further…]
  • Club Passim in Harvard Square (the music more than the food)
  • Hana Sushi in North Cambridge (creative California-style sushi)


From Ashley, the administrative assistant who is the wind beneath our wings:

  • Favorite things to do:  The New England Aquarium is fun, and they just did a big expansion.
  • Favorite local flavor restaurants:
    • The Union Oyster House which was really old and cool, with great food (amazing cornbread)
    • Legal Seafoods is another Boston tradition with many locations, but there is one across the street from the Aquarium

From our fearless leader, Dave:

From our European Senior VP, Bev (what does she know about Boston? Better to ask her about London)

  • Favorite things to do:  Take a boat tour around the harbour [editor’s note: See what I mean? Bev doesn’t even know how to spell harbor)
  • Favorite local flavor restaurants: Eat at the Blue Dragon, newly opened at the waterfront

Dirk, everyone’s favorite Director, Client Engagement, really knows his stuff despite the fact that he hails from LA, not Boston.

  • Walk Harvard campus/Harvard Square
  • Visit Yankee Candle headquarters—just across the street from where Kathy lives in Western Massachooseitz. One of New England’s most popular destinations! (allow for travel time)
  • Walk the Freedom Trail
  • Eat fresh scalps [editor’s note: I am going to assume he meant scallops, but you never know…]

Jeff, ITSMA’s  ABM guru seconds the votes for Faneuil Hall, The Freedom Trail, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Kathy, the woman who lives across the street from the Yankee Candle headquarters didn’t have that on her list. Hmmm…Here are her suggestions:

And finally from Cynthia, the woman who has the honor of sorting out Obamacare for ITSMA:

So there you have it–plenty to do in Boston and Cambridge. But wait, there’s more! Check out what last year’s ITSMA Conference attendees had to say: