The Best Way to Attract Buyers

We have all seen the reports and headlines—buyers are hungry for content. But not just any content. They want fact-based content. This is yet another reason why I believe that marketers must also be researchers.

In a recent ITSMA study, 465 senior executives at large enterprises across four continents told us that when they are researching solutions and providers, the content that is most helpful is industry and technology research data and analysis. Executives want hard data and analysis, not opinions. This is something marketers—you know, the creative “Mad Men” types—need to pay attention to. Interestingly, the more senior the executive, the higher the preference for research. So if you’re trying to get the attention of the C-Suite, you had better get your facts straight.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t express your opinion. Opinions and points of view are fine—as long as they are backed up with research and facts.

If you want to attract today’s buyer and garner interest, you must build fact-based intimacy—a relationship built on relevant knowledge.

(Hey, please play with this interactive chart and let me know what you think. This is a new tool I am trying out. You can compare and filter the data. Have fun!)

Chart: Buyers want hard data and analysis, not opinions

Description: ITSMA’s acclaimed research reveals how traditional buyers and the new B2B social buyers access and consume information across the five stages of the buying process.



  1. Jeremy Victor

    Julie, this article is right on point with many conversations I have been having of late. Excellent chart, the interactive nature of it makes it really helpful.

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