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High-Growth Tech Companies Prioritize Customer Insight and Analytics

By Donna Thach,  ITSMA,

How is marketing different in faster-growing B2B tech companies? According to ITSMA’s 2016 Services Marketing Budget Allocations and Trends Study, marketing leaders from high-performing companies based on relative revenue growth ranked customer insight as their top priority while all others ranked it 20th.


Perhaps not surprisingly, high-growth companies are also investing substantially in data-driven decision making. This is another area in which ITSMA research shows dramatic differences between high-growth companies and others: eighty percent of the high-growth companies are increasing their investment in marketing-performance management and reporting compared to only 22% of the low- and no-growth companies. Similarly, 64% of the high-growth companies are increasing spending on marketing analytics in 2016 compared to only 25% of the other companies.


In particular, investments in customer intelligence, data mining, predictive and marketing analytics, and marketing automation enable marketing leaders to optimize programs across the board, from developing more precise value propositions to executing more personalized and account-specific campaigns.

With greater investment, marketers can go far beyond the basics of tracking activities and leads. Most importantly, marketers now have the tools, data, and analytical skills to connect initiatives with outcomes. Being able to show the link between marketing activities and business outcomes can be a game changer for marketers.

Are B2B Solutions Marketers Investing Enough in Marketing Technology?

By Julie Schwartz, ITSMA,

According to ITSMA’s 2013 Marketing Technology Survey, almost two-thirds of B2B services and solutions marketers believed that they are underinvested in technology. And it’s not just marketers without technology investments that are saying so. Those who don’t have technology said that they needed it; those who did have it said that they needed more of it. Fast-forward to today and the situation hasn’t changed significantly. B2B marketers are still underinvested.

ITSMA’s most recent 2015 Annual Budget and Trends Survey revealed that marketers allocate and average of 5% of their total marketing budget to tools (defined as Marketing Technology and Automation, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Performance Management and Reporting). Just over one-quarter of the marketers in the survey planned to increase their spending on tools in 2015. Some are even decreasing their budget.

B2B marketing technology budget

With numbers like these, it is hard to imagine that the CMO is going to command a larger IT budget than the CIO anytime soon!

To learn more, complete ITSMA’s 2015 Marketing Technology Survey to better understand how you and your peers are using marketing technology to:

  • Increase marketing’s productivity by replacing manual activities with automation
  • Improve the ability to track and report marketing impact
  • Increase the volume of leads generated
  • Maximize conversions
  • Gain greater insight into buyer behavior and preferences
  • Use buyer insights to build relationships through personalization, relevant content, and conversation

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