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Julie SchwartzI am Julie Schwartz, the Senior Vice President of Research and Thought Leadership at ITSMA, a research-based membership organization that helps B2B companies market and sell services and solutions more effectively.

I have been researching, writing, and thinking about B2B services marketing since 1986—so long that I’ve seen everything happen at least twice! Hopefully you can benefit from my insights.

What makes ITSMA different is that we are completely focused on services and solutions marketing, which is nothing like product marketing. We work with marketers from the world’s leading professional services, technology, and communications providers to help them generate demand, strengthen relationships with their customers, and improve their brand differentiation.

What’s different about me is my focus on research. I love research. Research provides answers and eliminates the ambiguity.

All of the ideas and opinions we formulate at ITSMA have a foundation in the research we do. Even though I have more than 20 years of experience working with ITSMA members, I would never tell a member what to do because it’s my belief. That’s not good enough—we need to make recommendations based on facts, not opinion.

What I’ve found is that although ITSMA members might not have 100% success, if they follow the advice of the research, they have a much higher probability of success.

In this blog, which represents my views and not necessarily the views of ITSMA, I hope to pull back the curtain on research a bit. I’ll tell you about the trends I’m seeing, share some good, and dig a little deeper into the data and findings. Most important, I’m hoping to ignite conversations about research and derive more insight and meaning based on your experiences and interpretations.

So, welcome to my blog. I hope you are ready to join the conversation!

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